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Focus On The Experience, Not The Money!

Money means nothing, it's the experiences money buys that we're truly after. But many people spend more time on a shopping list than outlining the experience they want in life.

This week let's take a moment to truly focus on what experiences will make us fulfilled and happy without thinking about the money attached. This decreases anxiety and importance. The only limit truly is your belief system so when you take money out of the equation, you can open your mind to what you really want.

Have a great prosperous week! Remember, it’s a practice!

Mastering Emotions To Create/Choose Reality

On our journey to enlightenment or knowing, we learn to master our emotions. This is especially true with LOA -the Law of attraction. We can learn to choose our emotions with our minds to control, create or choose our reality.

Yes, we can control our emotions and our reality.

When we succeed at connecting our minds and heart together, we are able to create magical things. Reducing the importance of things that we feel are extremely important to us, will extinguish the emotions that are causing us to get upset and this will bring the positive results that we are truly wanting.

It doesn’t mean we don’t care. It just means we are lower the volume of negative emotions and irrational thoughts so that we can focus our positive emotions on what we really do want.

As we calm our minds and emotions, we’re able to focus on what’s really important, the results that will benefit ourselves and the ones we love.

Remember, it’s a practice!

What You Are Doing IS Making A Difference In The World!

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels? Like nothing you do seems to matter? Rest assured, thoughts become things and small actions create major change. Focus on developing passion. Recognize your special skill sets.

Remember, it’s a practice!

Positive Self Talk

Why is positive self talk important? We are in many ways our own best friend. Treating yourself with respect and love is the way to go!

How can we overcome irrational negative thoughts that sometimes consume our minds? Meditation is the key to a calm mind. In the calmness we find we are many times much harder on ourselves than others would ever be.

Remember, it’s a practice!
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